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What does Outsourcing mean?

Human Resources is a key factor that allows a business to grow solidly.

Our services are performed in an ethical and legal way, and pursuant the provisions set forth on sections 15 A and 15 B of the Federal Labor Law (Ley Federal del Trabajo). Such services consist on assistance, advisory and consultancy services, as well as accounting, administrative, tax services, and otherwise, which are needed for the personnel administration, including outsourcing specialized personnel and operative staff. The aforementioned services are rendered considering that the opening of markets and relaxation of laws relating to terms of employment, have driven its worldwide growth.


Our firm does not support outsourcing services with saving strategies, based only on tax evasion, which jeopardize your business.


Alongside the personnel administration services, we offer inplants or stands at your premises, in order to serve the workers we manage, and to avoid future labor disputes.


Grupo Maroba offers the following services:


1. Payroll administration professional services, based on legal schemes, seeking, at all times, reasonable expenses, which will be made up for with the reduction of the administrative and labor burden an RH area implies.


2. Recruiting and selecting specialized personnel, according to the job description and category requested, as well as administering reliability, aptitude and psychometric tests, in accordance with your business needs.


3. Biometric access control, with incident reports on a monthly basis.


4. Payroll calculation for all workers supplied by Grupo Maroba.


5. HR activities, such as preparation of (i) recommendation letters; (ii) employment contracts; (iii) letters of instruction; (iv) Internal Working Terms and Conditions; (v) childcare services supervision, as well as (vi) severance packages, and (vii) resignations, among others.


6. Workers’ wages payment by electronic funds transfer, including bonuses and commissions for the performance of personal services.


7. To control and follow up incidents and disabilities.


In past times, all production stages were held by the same company. However, globalization and the opening of markets and borders, and economic competition, has made corporate reorganization, as well as tax planning and development formulas, necessary in order to allow business to fulfill its purpose, facing relaxation of laws relating to terms of employment.


In order to get the best profitability in the production process, companies shall make decisions that allow them to obtain better profits with the correspondent savings, without decreasing the quality of their services, regarding all legal responsibilities.



Our firm offers such service, under the scheme of responsible administration, in which we identify the section of the production stages of your business that can be efficiently performed by us, and that not necessarily will imply the CORE of your business.



8. To issue digital payment receipts or dully certified, pursuant Section 99 of the Law on Income Tax (Ley del Impuesto sobre la Renta).


9. Payroll reports by electronic transfer.


10. Employment files for each worker, with photograph.


11. Permanent or turnover Inplants, suitable to your needs, for supervision purposes, and in order to serve the personnel we provide.


12. Federal and local taxes payment, pursuant the governing law.


13. Bimonthly reports with federal and local taxes payment receipts.


14. Legal advice for labor dispute before the Board of Mediation and Arbitration with competent jurisdiction.


15. Administering reliability, aptitude and psychometric tests, according to your needs.



Aggregate Value



Professional recruitment and selecting personnel service, as well as payroll calculation and training.


The firm has its own infrastructure, systems, experience, ability and knowledge to perform the services we are offering you.


Discover all the benefits we offer you, such as:


1. Reduction of labor and tax expenses, as well as work-related risks.


2. 100% Deductibility Income Tax, on your payroll expense.


3. 100% VAT accreditation upon tax breakdown on the invoice.


4. Personnel headcount free choice, as well as job descriptions.


5. Legal and responsible service with

well-paid wages


Our fees proposal depends upon the general conditions and requirements you request.


"The firm has its own infrastructure, systems, experience, ability and knowledge to perform the services we are offering you. "

Services Grupo Maroba offers

We perform assistance, advisory and consultancy services, as well as accounting, administrative, tax services, and otherwise, pursuant sections 15 A and 15 B of the Federal Labor Law (Ley Federal del Trabajo), which are needed to fulfill your corporate purpose. The aforementioned, in order to let you focus on your CORE BUSINESS, allowing our firm to help you in the payroll and personnel administration, as well as on the outsourcing of the specialized personnel and/or operative staff you need, including the recruitment and selection processes, if requested.


The services we provide are suitable to your needs, setting up Grupo Maroba’ responsibilities, regarding the workers laboring at your premises, holding your company harmless from any labor, administrative or tax dispute.


Grupo Maroba provides personnel administration services, with your RH guidelines, in accordance to your standards, and production, distribution or sales goals.


Our services will allow you to have a more efficient workforce and productivity, with the option to increase it or reduce it, at any time.




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